My Family Memories

We find less time to engage in celebrating special moments in our life and not able to devote all our time together with family in real sense. During my childhood days, there were no mobiles or smart devices. We had so much fun and enjoyment in life. All the family members used to sit together and have real enjoyment by watching the television together and having dinner in a park. There were no more distractions or message notifications and we could end our day with so much of joy and in a peaceful manner. I remember my cousins and relatives would come to my home and we would celebrate the festival together and exchange gifts. We would sit for hours in the park and enjoy each other company and have real fun and good time together. I want to revive my childhood days and bring back those old memories alive again and have good time together.

 I also have very special and fond memories of my childhood and always try to remember them by looking through the old birthday albums, torn photographs and my scrapbook. I really had fun with my cousins and good time doing notorious things like fighting for the cricket bat in the cricket match, then trying to compete with each other and bowl each other out in and trying to bully each other. We used to play from morning till evening with no worries and then have a glass of orange juice at the end of day and making strategies against opponent for next day. Some of the picnic trips to rose garden and doll museum in Delhi were so much fun. On another occasion when there was no one at neighbour Sharma Ji home and the gate was locked and we together made a plan to climb up the ladder to sneak in their house and get our cricket ball back. Other day I remember when we were doing Maths holiday homework and my sister was crying then you made a painting for her which was so funny that made all us laugh and she was mad about it.



Festival celebration is always special and for me biggest celebration was during Diwali.Diwali means decoration with lighting up divas and wearing new clothes. From my early childhood memories, I remember that my father used to stand on staircase while my grandfather used to give instructions to him about setting up the Diwali lights in proper layout.All these memories brings alive the spirit of real joy of Togetherness.

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