Memorable Internship Days

Internship is one thing which helps you to go through the hard training and helps you to understand and experience the real situation and situations before you get a real job.Internship is just the right way to take up the task and get used to the circumstances which a person may get to experience after getting a new job assignment where margins of error are very less and you are responsible and accountable for everything.

I like the internship period as it all about field and practical training compiling all aspects of operations,marketing and logistics.I was also told to submit final report at the end of this training with the company for their record and reference.The whole two months during the intern project were like a roller coaster ride with lot of ups and downs.It was a great experience and the company where  I had undergone the training provided me a friendly and co-operative environment all the time.I felt really satisfied after the internship and this was only possible due to my confidence and constant guidance from my mentor that helped me to achieve my targets.As a part of training many activities were performed like conducting competition survey as well as making charts form for marketing department. All this gave me idea of using my skills learn during the first semester. It has helped to know about the functioning of various branch office and their working style.I also got a chance to celebrate festival with office employees and build some sort of relationship with them.One of my learning was about key aspects of digital marketing and how it  plays a very important part in any industry to be successful so there should be proper communication so that message is clear and we can learn about consumer behaviour and adapt to changing environment.One of the main thing is time management and analytical skills which are valuable and this is key thing which I will focus for rest of my life. 

One of the thing about my internship days is that moment when I got stripend or my first earning and I had tears in my eyes.It was some thousand rupees but it had me very much emotional and sensitive.I could not believe that I was paid for my work and my job.It was a different feeling altogether and I went home straight away and then decided to take my parents for a dinner and shopping.I gifted my brother a toy game and paid for the dinner.My parents felt proud of me and gave me blessing too.

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