Fun. Freedom. Confidence.

"Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback." 

Automotive car industry is rising in India with increasing income and people want to buy cars.I am still looking for my first car but nothing better than getting started with Datsun redi-Go which is the latest car and getting attention from everyone. I would like to test drive the brand new Datsun redi-GO in hills station like Shimla or sea side Goa. There is nothing like getting to check the car and test up to the limits until you can see the engine power while driving uphill through steep curves or Goa beach side where you can go for long drive with less traffic on road and have fun too. People often take about car average and mileage but I think that safety is very important feature among the most as we all know about rash driving scene in India. I have in mind redi-Go for this dream trip as it has automatic advanced features and is packed with everything a car must have.

Exclusive Design and Appearance

The fist look makes you fell in love with the car. The car comes in various colour options like silver, grey, lime green, red and white. Then we have headlights which are very eye catching and add to the car personality. The car has electric power steering which helps to drive in smooth way and adds manoeuvrability while driving in traffic or on highway. Other features which excite me are suspension system and car hydraulic system.

Cool Interiors

I am really impressed with the interiors and best part is that we have good amount of leg space in front as well as for back seat passenger. I like the dashboard which is synchronised and crafted to perfection. Technology plays a key role as we have digital tachometer once you sit inside the car; it feels like a premium class. I always look for a car which has good ground clearance and aerodynamic in design.

Powerful Roaring Engine

I love to hear the roaring engines and sounds coming from the airplanes. It speaks about its volume and power. Redi-GO comes with 799 cc engine with great fuel efficiency of 25.17 km/L and this makes it very much economical and efficient. Redi-Go has Intelligent Spark Automated Technology engine which is developed by some of the best experts keeping in mind the latest technology and techniques.

Full on Entertainment

I love this car for its entertaining value. It has superb entertainment music and audio with great speakers that makes sounds awesome when you hear. It has a music system with awesome capabilities that can play music with help of USB, CD and radio station. It is mix and match of fashion and tech as the car has power windows and air conditioner which can make you restless and stress free within minutes.

Safety First

I believe in following the traffic rules and doing things in right way. But as we all know that life has certain amount of risk and anything can happen to anyone. I am happy that Redi-Go comes with a driver side airbag to save the person in case of any accident.

This car is going to trigger the Indian market and it is worth are its value for money and made for Indian roads.Do check this video or visit this website now.

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