Horlicks Growth+

Children health is first priority for parent and so proper diet and healthy food is the first thing for development and growth of child. Children physical growth is about ensuring proper body mass index and in broad category about right proportions of weight and height match. Physical growth in children is measured in terms of their body strength and endurance. It is about taking the balanced diet and intake of essential food which gives them strong muscles and lot of energy. It should be noted that junk food may be attractive but it may make them obese and result in body fat. Parents must have a plan for diet control and checking that junk food intake is very less.

The best way to identify whether you child is having the right physical growth is through milestones or chart which gives all the data in terms of various parameters. Parents are sometimes too much worried about their child health and draw wrong assumptions when they see their child weight or height is not increasing. It is advised that best way before taking any step is to consult a specialist or doctor. It is often found that sometimes parents feel bad when they start comparing their kids with other children in their social circle. Parents want their kid to be a superstar and have all the qualities in him. They want their child to be good in academics and better in every field. They want that their child must try to complete their aspirations and fulfil their dreams. This is one of the biggest problem in our country faced by children and it leads to anxiety and stress among children. As a result children health is affected when they are not able to match their parent’s aspirations. Parents also seem to give more weight age to children education over sports and other such activities. Other reasons which leads to delayed growth or slow growth of child may include the factors such as social or emotional. I would take up serious issue like mental disorder or being sexually abused. Then child genes and genetics also play an important in shaping body and growth.

I have learnt from my mother who has taken care of me that drinking milk is most important thing. She has made a rule that no one goes out of the house without having a full glass of milk along with Horlicks. Earlier I used to hate milk and would try to avoid it in all sense but my love affair with milk started when my mom mixed with Horlicks which comes in chocolate flavour. I see that Horlicks is great source of energy and it involves all the essential nutrients which are required on daily basis. I consider that Horlicks is the primary source of growth and every child must intake it every day. Horlicks ensures that the lost growth in early days can be brought back to normal if child follow the right eating pattern and drinking milk with ‘Horlicks Growth+’ supplement added in it. It is suitable for children between 3-9 years of age and can simulate the growth back to right pattern as it has all the essential nutrients required by the body.

It is great to have such useful healthy products for children growth and health.

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