Time for #TaxPledge

India has youth dominated population where most of the citizens are working in business or employed. We are considered to be the nation where young people are running this country and are considered to be future of this developing country. All this will happen with their contribution towards economic development and infrastructure which is possible if everyone pays their tax on time and do not hesitate or ignore this important duty.

One of the primary advantage of income tax filing is that you can apply for any kind of loan and get approved in a smooth way by showing the financial records. Then you can also get your visa approved easily when applying  for a job in international destination. It is common to see various countries require bank statements and last three years tax return statement to check about the person financial condition before giving them green signal to travel or work abroad. Income tax return is must for businessman who want to expand their business and want to procure government tenders and be part of it. We all know that life involves risk and uncertainity. Anything could happen to you or close family member due to natural calamities or emergency.In such case of accidents income tax return document could be required where court trial is involved while claiming insurance.You can sleep peacefully at night without any worry or stress as now laws are becoming very strict these days related to tax fraud.There is penalty if found guilty while security checking done by government officials which could lead to problem to entity or business in long terms.

Things have changed a lot these days and government has made use of latest technology and updated their systems so that filing return is easy and can be done without any headache through different mediums.

I must say that it is duty of every citizen to behave like responsible citizen of this country and must take #TaxPledge to file their returns on time.
 I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

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