I feel thankful to my parents who have given me tremendous support and help in all stages of my life and motivated me to move ahead over barriers and face the real situation with courage and confidence.I always had a dream to become commercial pilot carrying passengers and fly to different countries. I remember in my old days when I was in school and all students were preparing for entrance exams and trying to get admission in top Indian colleges. It was big risk as it involved lot of investment but my parents supported me all the time. I went for flying training abroad after my board exams and came back with commercial flying licence in 2009.It was set up for me and only hurdle left was getting the job opportunity. But it was my bad luck or wrong timing that recession in economy affected the whole world and hiring in airlines came to standstill.

This was the moment when I started with my second innings. It was very difficult situation for me sitting at home and so my grandparents suggested me to do something constructive.They gave me some advice and I took the bold step in my life to do a part time job in Indigo call centre booking flight tickets and making reservation. It was hard time and felt very frustrated after getting a flying licence. But at the same time, I felt very happy to keep myself busy in those difficult stages. This bold step of working in call centre helped me to realize the value of money and taught me a lesson to have a backup plan in life. I became very responsible and decided to start saving my money. My life got a complete transformation.

I did not stop here and then did my graduation and post graduation so that I could acquire more knowledge and update my skills to get a better job. All my hard work with upgraded qualification and higher education brought me luck and I got placed in a good company in Delhi. With my new job and more work, I decided to shift to Delhi and live alone. This bold step further has helped me to understand about importance of family and their value. I had to do all things on my own from cooking, cleaning and other household chores. It is great to learn from my past experience and move forward to my life. The situation could have been worse if I had waited to get my dream pilot job all these years. I feel really happy with my decision to find an alternative career and give myself another chance in my life.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”

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