Family relationship and sharing a good bonding matters the most when it comes to building relationship. This could directly affect your family, close friends and business partners.My mother taught me to speak the truth, maintain transparency and dedication in everything you do in your life. We are taught in the school about moral values and ethics and being honest. But at certain times, we have to hold back the right statement and remain silent and this is something which test our nerves and check our relationship status. It becomes really difficult at times to tell the truth when the situation and environment is not right.

Talking about myself ,there have been many such instances in life when did not speak the truth when it was the time and when I took the courage to tell the truth, the results were not good at first instance but resulted in better outcomes which was completely opposite to my perception.It was critical moment for me and my sister when one such situation came early in my life.It was her marriage ceremony and she had taken a break from her work and gone out with her new family members.She was very happy and delighted to move into her new stage of life and we were as happy too.It was a very joyful mood all around us.It was really a great feeling.Then came the marriage day and she was all set in her makeover to become a bride.But there was some sad news in family as one of the cousin met with some accident and my father had to go somewhere during those important moments when she was getting married.It was testing times as she was keen on seeing him again and again but we would give some or the other illogical reason and told her that he would be here any moment of time.She kept on asking but we knew it would make situation more worse and critical.She was annoyed at me hiding the facts but later when she came to know about the actual situation,she hugged me tightly and was proud of me.I was also sorry to her for telling the lie but that was only good for her and it was very important auspicious time for her and I did not wanted to ruin it at any cost.I am happy that everything in her marriage went in calm and smooth way.
It is such relationships which matters the most where we have good understanding and love for each other.The other person has good tuning and ignore the small reasons and clear the matter right away.

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