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There is saying that life is all about survival of the fittest and who can change and adapt according to the world environment. This also holds true when it comes to communication and our way of engaging with other in today world. English is the language of past, present and future and holds the key to the modern world.

English language is not that tough and difficult. It just takes some motivation and courage accompanied by right resources which can help you to achieve the goal to get command over this language. I am personally sharing my own experience that even my English was also not up to the mark and I had to struggle a lot. There were not enough guidance and coaching in my childhood but my parents were always behind me who encouraged me to try my best. One day my father gave me a dictionary as a gift and told me to keep on reading and write few words every day. I am thankful that his idea really worked for me and I was able to learn new words and able to make sentences very easily. My mother also helped me in learning as she would bring English videos and would talk in English. This gave me enough confidence to speak up in English and interact easily.

I always feel that uneducated people in India are unaware of their rules and rights due to lack of education and we see English language has slowly become mainstream language in India. Hence, it is important for society to understand the role of English language. I consider it is important for everyone below the certain age should be able to read and write in English plus get basic minimum education.

It is great to know that Nihar Shanti Amla’s new Paathshala campaign has taken a big step by setting up the service by just calling on the toll free number 8055667788. This will really help the youngsters to focus on getting English language education who cannot afford school fees. We also know that government has started various policies which encourages parents to send their child to school but still they are not been implemented properly. This is certainly extraordinary learning experience. I like this innovative idea where main focus is on getting education and it does not matter whether there is a proper school building or a permanent address. I guess we all should share this idea with our friends and others as it will lead to magical transformation in life of children who are looking to get through the English language.

I hope everyone who reads my blog post and try to follow the tips which could help and benefit them in improving their English language skills and do give a call on toll free number 8055667788. 

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