Delhi is the national capital of India and portrayed as mini India. Delhi is rich in culture and heritage and known as famous tourist destination. Delhi has been framed as smart city and it is currently undergoing lot of development and infrastructure growth with the help of government and public private institution partnership. The aim of these projects is simple to make Delhi as a platform model for other states and display it as key to India growth and development for people visiting Delhi and also for its citizens who live in Delhi. Further the aim is to make Delhi as clean and green city which is through recycling and treatment of solid and liquid wastes. Under the Delhi smart city project, efforts are being taken to ensure that electricity and drinking water supply is available for 24 hours through the year and there is shortage of it. Government has taken up several projects which involve creating infrastructure and roads as per the global standards and providing efficient public transport system to connect Delhi-NCR region. This is some of the things which I have highlighted and there is much more to it which is yet to be implemented.
The real scene is something different and we are just in the beginning of this development phase to make Delhi as smart city. Government had taken a big responsibility but most of this in the papers and yet to fully functional and implemented. We all know that corruption and miss-management are main factors which cause hindrance to such great projects and lead to slow the pace of project and leads to loss of resources and funds allocated for important tasks. We have seen that Swatch Bharat project has made some impact in Delhi and improved the condition when it comes to cleanliness but it is still a big task. We are already loosing lot of money and time which piles up in millions and this happens due to damage roads and traffic. However it is not the fault of the government only and we as citizens must also do something to give back to the country and city where we are born and live.

I feel really surprised to see the change in attitude and behaviour when we Indians travel to foreign country and abide by rules and regulations. But we do not like to keep our surroundings clean and follow the traffic rules in our own country. It is time that we all should rise and stand up for helping the government aim to make Delhi as smart city which can become example for other countries as well. 

We must join hands with government and other such bodies to welcome their moves to improve our standard of living. Vodafone is one of the companies which have taken the big step to start up few projects which are related to reducing pollution and using alternate source of energy to save environment. They have created Air-Purifying bus shelter in the city so that people waiting for the bus are not affected by smoke and dirt. It is Diwali time and we consider it as our main festival. We celebrate it with burning lot of crackers which create noise and air pollution. It is well known the fact that Delhi is already one of the most polluted cities in the world and these crackers add more to pollution. We all are educated and should prevent such celebration and think of our health and environment. Vodafone has also made an effort to lead a way by educating everyone about Green Diwali.They have planned super crackers which comes with eco-friendly plant seeds. I am already supporting them and decided to say "NO" to crackers this diwali and in future too. Other major initiative is that Vodafone has created many wifi zones in the city for helping youth and everyone to connect to internet and connect with each other.It is time to take oath to make our surrounding better place to live in.

You can further visit them for more information about their projects- https://www.vodafone.in/home-delhi.


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