Selling MySmart Lifeline

There is not a single day or moment when I am leaving my home without a cell phone. I have been brought up in the age where cell phone and technology has been making up digital revolution and there is no looking back. You can feel it when you see people gazing out at their Smartphone and more interested in checking out their whatsapp messages and updating their social profile. Smartphone craze has taken over generations and help us to be online even when we do have our laptop or desktop.
I remember getting my first Nokia handset phone which just hand mobile number and snake ladder game in it. It was there when we had to switch from pagers and use it for calling and buy a data pack was expensive option at that time. After the Nokia phone there were many more companies joining to bring smart phones with touch screen and exclusive features for users. I wanted to buy my first touch screen phone but it was out of my budget and so I had to collect funds and save pocket money for buying my first touch screen phone. It was an HTC phone which was my first touch screen phone which I kept using it for sometime before switching to a more upgraded version. I had kept my first Smartphone for many years as I did not wanted to sell it back as it had many emotional messages and memories with it. My family member would often say to sell it and give it before it becomes obsolete and no one buys it but I was adamant and never wanted to give it just for some financial earning.
Few months ago I decided to check my drawer and get off my old stuff. I found the HTC phone which had broken screen with touch and much very doubtful whether to find any taker or not. I gave a demo to two of my friends who were interested in getting a cheap phone but rejected it after the condition. Then I decided to publish the details of the Smartphone and sell online but no calls or messages. Then I thought to give it for free to someone in need and may be that could help for that poor fellow. One day then I got multiple messages from some guy in Mumbai who wanted that phone. I honestly told the guy about the phone condition and it looks. He was still interested in buying the model and I was surprised to hear that he was willing to give me more than half the price of that Smartphone. I was very anxious to know about the thing which made him attracted to this phone neglecting its old version and technology. I decided to give him the Smartphone at less cost and without any shipping charges when he told me about his love for collecting HTC phones and passion to gadgets. He further told me that he had collection of more than fifteen Smartphone of that company and his aim to collect all models.
I am very much amazed to see that such people do exist who have love and passion for old things and want to collect such old phones as memento. I salute the guy and was also happy that my old phone is going in the right hands where it will be more safe and protective as ever. 

I am glad to get right buyer for my phone but it is not so easy to find the buyer for your old phone in today world unless you are giving in very less price.I would recommend that you can also try out this #CleanUpCashOut with which is best way to sell mobiles with instant cash. You can download their app and also use this coupon code CLEANCASH to get Rs. 250 extra on sale of your gadgets.


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