Giving Up my First Smartphone

My life has totally changed from the day when I was introduced to my smartphone.I remember buying my first handheld device after clearing my secondary board exams. It was really a dream come true moment for me when I had my first phone. As the technology progressed I had to shift and move with the innovative technology of Smartphone with camera and all other extra features which made my life so simple and easy. It was blessing and pride to hold the Smartphone for anyone when people started to get rid of their pagers and landlines. The digital transformation was already started and it was huge leap in the way we communicate with each other.

My passion was Smartphone was at peek as I used to change these phones every six months and so until I realised that I had a cupboard filled with more than five Smartphone. I did not know what to do about these packs of phone lying in the drawer and could not find the solution. Then one day my old friend came to my house who was gadgets expert too. I had called him to learn about making use of latest Smartphone and understanding its unique features. After giving the solution to my technical questions I asked him some advice about my old phone and he just told me to get rid of them before the technology moves to new level and then it may become obsolete. I did not pay much attention to him at that time but soon realised in another few months that he was right and Smartphone software and application were changing at fast rate. Then one day while cleaning my drawer I took all the phones out and put them on my table and started thinking about the sweet memories and moments with them. I had branded phones of HTC, Samsung, Nokia and other brands. I called my friend again and he told me to try to visit the nearby retailer and sell them or exchange with the new device.

I went to the local market and the shopkeeper told that these entire phones were out of date and no one would buy and he could only offer me 25% of the retail price. I was not happy at all and went further to another retailer and got similar offers. I was just pissed off and then talked to my cousin who told to sell this phone online as May e-commerce site were offering platform to put the ad and sell the devices. I tried and put the Smartphone pictures and offered my device at 50% rate. I was getting calls from different buyers and finally was successful in striking the deal with one person in Noida. We decided to meet at the common point and with cash exchange in for the old HTC phone. I was little afraid as it was totally new experience for me and decided to take my body builder brother with me in case the buyer tries to be smart and run away with my device. I was getting all negative thoughts in my mind while going at the common point which was a Paan shop. I was standing there with my brother and having Paan while waiting for the customer to arrive. I stood there and then a car stopped and two people came out. They were having good physique and came directly to me. We had good conversation while I was having Goosebumps in my mind. He checked the phone and was satisfied with the device. I gave him the documents and then he took out the money and gave to me. Suddenly from nowhere a police man was coming directly to us and I thought that he would catch us and put it in jail as we were doing something illegal but then his direction changed and he wanted to have some paan and cold drink.

I still remember this incident and laugh about it about my first deal. All the money exchanged for phone helped to buy a new device for my mother as a birthday gift.

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