Save Water and Be Life Saver

Our existence on earth as human being or for any creature on this planet is solely dependent on only one thing Water which has immense value and is priceless for survival and we must value it at all times. It is symbol of life on us and we must take some action to understand about amount of water in this planet and whether it is enough for generations to come.We have discussed enough about depleting natural resources and polluted environment plus climate change which are happening at fast rate on this planet. But our focus and efforts on water conservation and water preservation has been less over the years and this could lead to drinking water scarcity which could become a major issue for all and could lead to another world war in coming century.

It is just simple things which cause waste of tons of available water around us. We all know that closing the tap when brushing the teeth or cleaning the hair but how many of us are really bothered about it. I do not think we need education about importance of water for mankind and its uses. We must be alert and be conscious enough to do our bit for this mankind by just using the water in the right quantity and follow our duty without anyone watching us. It should automatically create a feeling in our soul if we even waste a single drop of water. We must respect the Mother Nature and water as it is all about our living. It is time to focus on water management techniques and spread awareness about water harvest techniques before water scarcity becomes a threat to our existence.

#CuttingPani campaign makes me go back to history in old days when my father would tell me to use leftover water from the aqua guard and water purifier for purpose of cleaning the floor for the house. This campaign also made me realize my sister idea about using the water left from my school bottle to sprinkle on the garden plants everyday. I am still following the same custom and teaching my cousin and friends to share this technique instead of throwing it away. We must use individual bottle so that there is not unnecessary cleaning of utensils which is common in every household. You can also save water by installing alarm button which alerts you in case water overflow happens at your home.

I am very much confident that if we have some or other such common idea of saving water or #CuttingPani that we will never have shortage of water and we will help the coming generations to survive with less water problems.

Save Water,It is Life Saving and 

I request each and every reader to click these links posted below and embed some way in their life to save water and share within their social circle.

You must also visit Livpure website and read more things related to water and healthy living.

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I have signed the petition to raise awareness and stand for the cause.You can also do the same by following the link and be a contributor to this noble cause.

If you have any ideas to share about water conservation then please share in comments below.

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