Guidance which Matters to Study Abroad

We all want to have success in life and move forward in life to achieve our dreams. One of things which are ingredient to get success is changing things or doing something different which involves some kind of sacrifice. This sacrifice could involve moving out of family and living in different place and grabbing the bigger opportunity. People often migrate to foreign land to get more positive outcomes and to improve their standard of living. It also found that parents want to send their children abroad to pursue higher education in order to make their career and life. Our world has become small now and moving abroad is much easier. All this sounds cool but you need a good platform before this dream becomes reality. This platform is about getting admission in the top foreign university or being hired by multinational company or clearing the immigration formality.

I am going to take you from the start about important information for planning to go abroad. You should have valid Indian passport applicable for more than 6 months or more which is the basic requirement. You should always check the government website and contact them for information or doubt than depending on anyone else. If you are student applying for courses then you should check the foreign university status and then figure out for best choices. You to have register and fill the admission form online and best would be to choose English as language rather than other foreign language as it could be difficult in understanding. 

Now after you have finally shortlisted the country, course and applied to them. You should expect and be ready to give certain documents and appear for aptitude exams in order to get shortlisted among the candidates. One of the mandatory exam is English Language Test just similiar to TOEFL and IELTS.This is one exam which can decide your future and you must seek right guidance from #DefinitelyPTE for it.Many universities now offer you to take the English Language Test and #DefinitelyPTE is advisable as it comes with many benefits over other English test.

The main advantages of taking the Pearson test are:-

a. Test is conducted in fully automated environment and is computer based without any human intervention and results are declared within a week.

b. You can schedule your test 24 hours in advance and any day of the year and results can be sent to multiple universities without additional cost.

c. You can locate the nearest centre of your choice without moving away to different city and give the test.

d. This Pearson test has edge over other test as you can choose from best universities.Some of the countries and places like United Kingdom,Australia,Canada, Brazil, China,India, Denmark, Germany,Indonesia, Russia, Singapore,United Arab Emirates, ,United States of America and much more.

Some of the Top Universities where PTE is accepted are-
  •  INSEAD,France
  •  Harvard University,USA
  •  London School of Economics
  •  Miami Dade College,USA
  •  University of Cape Town,South Africa
  •  Imperial College,London etc 
You can also visit the website to know more about other top universities or best academic college where PTE score is accepted.

e.The scoring system is based on 3 parts covering reading,writing and other skills.Though we all have studied basic English in school but still we can opt for PTE Preparation Course.This covers the entire test syllabus and include practice exam to make you more confident and score high in the final test. This course will set you the platform for your one major step to get admission in the best college.

My advice to all the people trying to move abroad is to be careful while doing financial transactions and confirm twice before making any decision. Do not try to overstay or extend your stay in foreign country as you may have chance to be deported and you could be in legal trouble. 

Common problems faced while moving abroad or Study Abroad -

1. Adjusting to Local Weather Conditions

It is not easy to move and get comfortable right way. You can expect different weather and season from the home country. I suggest you to check the weather and atmospheric conditions and pack your stuff accordingly.

2. Food and Eating Issues

We all love to have homemade food prepared by your family members. But when moving abroad, you should be prepared to try new things and taste it. There are ready to eat food packets which you must take as they come handy during first few days.

3. Communication Problem

We all love to speak in our native language but be ready to learn local language or English as this will help you in foreign land. Sometimes it may be difficult in explaining things due to ascent problems but be ready to adapt and go with the flow.

4. Public Transport

You may find the metro station or bus service stop passage is away from your place of residence. Hence in such cases, you must be ready to walk the distance or try to pay more for the cab. I suggest you to carry local map when travelling to a new place.

I am much confident that these small tips will help you while you choose to fulfil your dreams to foreign land. 


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