We can cook with protein

It is very important that we must consume good and healthy food enriched with protein component. It should be simple classic diet without much oil or spice but include green vegetables and protein nutrients. Everyone likes to have yummy and tasty junk food but it can contain a lot of cholesterol which is not good for body. We should have such diet that it is easy to digest and give us energy and have some source of protein in it. It is often seen people consume a lot of packaged food having preservatives and almost no nutritional value and do not take proper guidance about indulging in good eating habits.

Certain important food are must have to refresh the body and also makes the organs fit. It involves eating pulses on regular basis as it contains protein to prevent against some worst kind of diseases causing fatigue & respiratory problems. You can double your intake of protein by just adding a teaspoon of simple protein powder from your side when the meal is ready to serve. You should also intake wet almonds and other dry fruit early morning which can make you sharper and clever. Another important source of protein is egg. We all love to have egg curry or boiled egg or in any other form. But we can also try to intake egg based recipes with protein powder so that it can double benefit out our body.

 Here are some of important food sources with natural protein in it -

1. Fish, Chicken and Meat

2. Beans

3. Milk and milk products

4. Spinach

5. Mushrooms

6. Avocado

7. Brocolli

It is vital to know that if your body diet lacks protein then you are more prone to infection, fatigue, and poor performance and less mental strength. In order to get truly balanced protein rich diet, we should obtain the majority of our daily calories from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins. Breakfast is the first meal to start the day and it should have sufficient protein percentage to give us energy while making it healthy and delicious at the same time.
I hope these little healthy tips will help you to understand about power of protein in our daily food and you can also try to intake protein powder to improve your body strength and physique.

It is quite natural that we may not like every good thing we intake and for me it was milk, But situation changed and my love affair with milk started when my friend told me to mix it with protein powder which comes in chocolate flavour. The protein powder worked like miracle for me and now I drink at least 2-3 glass of milk daily without any regret or doubt. I love my protein milk shake so much that I never go out for exercise without having it. I have also talked to many friends who have also similar experience and they also think that protein rich diet is great source of energy and it involves all the essential nutrients which are required for building muscles and being active. I consider that protein is the primary source of growth and further help in burning calories. It also helps to improve body metabolism and has properties to prevent anti-aging too.

We must walk daily to nearby park and do exercise or gym once a day as it strengthens body immune system and considered as one stop solution to healthy body.

I have further experimented with my morning diet plan and tried having Cornflakes or Choc√≥’s added with protein powder and milk in it. I am glad to tell that one of my favourite dishes from their breakfast menu is yoghurt with protein powder added and topping of mixed fruits. It is light and easy to digest with delicious taste too. My job requires me to travel a lot and I have decided to take protein powder with me on my trips so that my every cup of coffee or tea have tinge of this protein powder so that it can give me extra strength and keep me energized at all times. Other factor which motivates me to have protein powder diet is that it helps to boost the body performance, endurance and reduces muscle fatigue before and after the gym exercises.

If you are looking for authentic power packed protein supply to our body then you can visit Absolute Nutrition and talk to them for your fitness query.


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